Around us there are many people suffering from different diseases and life challenges without knowing whom to approach for help or advice. For such suffering souls, especially children with mental and physical challenges, only care from their family members wouldn’t be enough, along with their family they need great support from the society and common public. Only then will they be able to face the challenges of life and the drastic situation they are facing. With the help of Modern India Heart Foundation they will be able to gain strength and confidence to progress in their life.

People who are suffering from these sort of life challenges have always been neglected by the society, which in turn has pushed them in to the darkness, and the aim of our Modern India Heart Foundation is to give a healing touch and a supporting hand to such individuals to bring them up to the standards of the society and to help them lead a better life and with this oath on our minds we have founded our organization “Modern India Heart Foundation”. Thanima Social Welfare Association, Blood Donors Club, Pain and Palliative groups have helped to shape and sharpen this thought and there we saw the birth of Modern India Heart Foundation and registered it under societies act.

A group of young blood, who keeps working above the so called boards and boundaries of caste religion and politics, have become the workers and decision makers of Modern India Heart Foundation and they have the strength and energy to take up any task with full dedication which will ultimately build the family, society and the Nation. Modern India Heart Foundation is a registered organization under the societies registration act which was founded by a team of socially committed youth with good knowledge and understanding of local issues and being aware of the agony of disabled children who are neglected and discriminated from the community having with practical field and with the guidance and support of well experienced social workers and humanitarians from different walks of life. Within years the foundation has been able to create a group of dedicated youth who worked for the well being of the society.